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    CIMC Tianda GEM IPO application was accepted by SZSE and officially embarked on the road of A-share listing


    On September 29, CIMC announced that it plans to split its holding subsidiary CIMC Tianda Holdings Co., Ltd. ("CIMC Tianda") to list on the GEM of SZSE. The application materials for IPO of GEM submitted by CIMC Tianda have been accepted by SZSE, and CIMC-Tianda has officially embarked on the road of A-share listing.

    At present, the main businesses of CIMC Tianda are divided into airport facilities and logistics equipment, and firefighting and rescue equipment. For 30 years, CIMC Tianda continues the champion blood of CIMC. Based on the core boarding bridge business, through a series of capital operation means such as M&A and share swaps, CIMC Tianda gradually expands to airport ground support equipment, airport baggage handling system, airport fire fighting vehicle and other fields. Combined with independent R&D, domestic substitution was realized in the above fields, and the technologies involved in related high-end equipment manufacturing were extended outside the airport, expanding the automated logistics business and comprehensive fire rescue mobile equipment business, and building a high-end manufacturing ecosystem.

    Zheng Zuhua, Executive Director and Chief Executive President of CIMC Tianda, said that the GEM IPO can help CIMC Tianda make full use of the A-share listing platform, enrich the channels for the company to raise long-term capital and foreign M&A, and enhance CIMC Tianda's profitability, market competitiveness and comprehensive advantages; on the other hand, it is also beneficial for the company to share the company's development benefits with domestic investors and give back to the society, so that the intelligent manufacturing industry with broad growth prospects in the future can be widely recognized by the public.