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    CIMC Raffles signed the world's largest and latest generation of wind power installation ship contract


    On September 30, CIMC Raffles and Van Oord Company of the Netherlands signed an EPC general contract for the construction of 1+1 large-scale wind power installation ships through "cloud signing", which will be used for European wind farm construction services after delivery. The Project will become the flagship project of CIMC Raffles to enter the international mainstream market of offshore wind power, enhance the influence of the "Green Practitioner" initiative and help achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality".

    The Project is the latest generation of wind power installation ship in the world, designed by Danish design company Knud E. Hansen. With a length of 175.1 meters and a deck area of over 7,000 square meters, it can accommodate 135 people working and living at sea at the same time. The lifting capacity of the main crane exceeds 3,000 tons, and it has four triangular truss pile legs. The main dimension, lifting capacity and hoisting capacity rank first among similar products.

    At the same time, the Project is equipped with a large-capacity methanol storage tank and a methanol dual-fuel main engine. By applying selective catalytic reduction technology, carbon dioxide emission will be reduced by 78%, and nitrogen oxide emission will be reduced to an absolute minimum. Equipped with about 5MW battery pack, it greatly improves energy consumption efficiency and reduces operating fuel consumption. In terms of technology, environmental protection and operation capability, the Project will be a benchmark product with demonstration effect for a long term in the future.

    Through the cooperation, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages in technology, construction, O&M, jointly promote the sustainable development of offshore wind power industry, accelerate the application of clean energy, continuously contribute to the global goal of "carbon neutrality", and strengthen the road of "green practitioners".