How To Send Invoice Using QuickBooks

How To Send Invoice Using QuickBooks

What is an Invoice?

An invoice is a QuickBooks document that provides users with detail description of services and the product that you have used and how it cost. Invoices are used for sales that are carried out on credit if customers do not pay at the time of purchase QuickBooks Invoices give the option to pay later

Invoices help users to make your accounts receivable, it able users to get balance from customers.

Why do users need to create invoices in QuickBooks? And How To Send Batch Invoices In QuickBooks?

Creating invoices in QuickBooks benefits users in two ways:

  • User financial state is updated instantly to update bank accounts balance and receivable funds.
  • The user can directly email customers company invoices, it allows users to safe postage to make a record of invoices faster so that user can get paid faster.


How To Send Invoice Using QuickBooks


First How can a user make the invoice in QuickBooks Online then you will learn How To Send Invoice Using QuickBooks

Step 1

To create invoices navigate

Select a home page, their customer column below, and then select Invoice.


Step 2

Create invoice

Invoice form would be visible on a user screen; the required fields must be filled as follows a pattern, and How To Send Multiple Invoices In QuickBooks.

Customer name

Select username first.

NOTE: if user customer info is not set up, the user can set by clicking drop-down button, then scroll on the top list add select add new, after selecting new window will be open and give access to user information, then click save and finish user invoices.

Customer email address

User information will populate automatically from customer QuickBooks profile if the user forgets to enter email in the customer profile, software show this field as the blank.

NOTE: if the user enters email directly field will be updated automatically.

Billing address

From customer profile billing address information will populate automatically if the user has not entered the billing address in the field of customer profile, the field will be shown as the blank.

NOTE: Users have the option to enter billing address directly, it will not update profile automatically, and the user goes back to customer profile and to auto-populate enter information.


The term is a time you allowed a customer to pay you, this information will automatically update via the customer profile, even user has not entered the payment terms in customer profile then the file will be shown blank.

Invoice date

This is the date that user gives the service and product to the customer.

Note: QuickBooks are designed to today dates; if user credits the invoice after due date then the user must update the entered date.

Due date

It is a date calculated automatically based on the payment terms and condition field.


Users have the option to select a product from the provided list.

NOTE: if the user has not adjusted services and products information, the user can do so by clicking the list and then click add new, the new window will open that allows the user to enter service and product information.


These fields will auto-update depending on product selection; however, the user can also customize description by typing directly in the required field.

NOTE:  any information user entered on his invoice will not update description automatically for any service and product if the user wants to update automatically when a user must enter product and services information.


If necessary, the user must enter the quantity of each product


The rate will auto-update depending on rates that user set directly for service or product.


QuickBooks software will update automatically the rate and quantity and rate columns to calculate the billing amount.

To delete an item

The user simply click symbol trash in column

Step 4

Preview invoice

Once the user has completed the required fields, the user can print the preview to see what invoice is about, the user just clicks preview or print option at the bottom of the software, the software will show complete invoice fictitious company.


Step 5

Sending invoice to the customer

After making invoice successfully user can print it out and can send to the customer from QuickBooks.

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